“God Is Not Ashamed to be Called Their God”


By Pastor H. Rondel Rumburg

7 pages

Paperback booklet

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“God Is Not Ashamed to be Called Their God” Vs. Abolitionism Gone South is a short essay by Dr. Ron Rumburg, Pastor and teacher. 

“The new abolitionists are ashamed of those to whom God is not ashamed.” This statement would be the premise of this short 7 page essay booklet.  

Should supposed Christians apologize and seek forgiveness from the Almighty God for the known or unknown sins of their ancestors? 

Should Christian Pastors teach and embrace humanism which clearly contradicts the Word of God?

“We have religions that baptize for the dead and now we have evangelicals who confess the supposed sins of the dead as if the atonement of Christ and the forgiveness of God were not sufficient to handle the sins of dead Christians.”

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