Christianity – The Only Religon Constitutionally Allowed in These United States


By:   John Henry Hopkins

109 pages

Originally published in 1857


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     John Henry Hopkins (1792-1868), born in Vermont, made his fortune in the iron business in Pennsylvania and later removed to Massachusetts in pursuit of religious studies. In 1857 he caused to be published a long out of print text, The American Citizen, in which he titles a chapter, Christianity is the only religion Constitutionally allowed in these United States.  Dr. Rumburg of the Society for Biblical and Southern Studies has reprinted that chapter in this booklet.

     John Henry Hopkins was a Northern man and a prolific student of history, energetic proponent of the Gospel, able communicator, and a capable discerner of the law. His problem was that his views and conclusions clashed with the yankee myths of the time. For that reason alone you will not find his works studied by academics today. He was a staunch supporter of Southern views, which means Christian views, and therefore conveniently lost to posterity.

     The author demonstrates quite clearly that the Constitution demanded the predominant Protestant Christianity of the day as the acceptable national religion. There are six essays dealing with such issues as: the Constitutional requirement of religion, the religious duties of citizens, the religious rights and duties of the American citizen and other important matters.

     This small booklet is indeed an eye opener to our past!  Lost since 1857.

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