Christian Salvation: Its Doctrine and Experience


By Robert Alexander Webb, D.D., LL.D.

Originally published in 1921

437 pages



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This volume is published in response to the urgent desire of former students and numerous friends of the late Professor Webb, and in accordance with affirmative action of the General Assembly of 1920 upon overtures from five Presbyteries “asking that the Executive Committee on Publication be instructed to take steps looking to the publication of a volume of the writings of the late Dr. R. A. Webb. Mostly deals with soteriology.

This volume is composed of Dr. Webb’s doctrinal beliefs upon various theological subjects:

I. Introduction

II. The Covenant of Grace

III. Predestination

IV. Election

V. Reprobation

VI. Jesus of Nazareth

VII. The Messiah

VIII. Christological Problems

IX. Mediation

X. Christ: The Prophet

XI. Christ: The Priest

XII. The Atonement: Its Necessity

XIII. The Atonement: The Theory of Satisfaction

XIV. The atonement: Its Extent

XV. The Atonement: Disproofs of Universalism

XVI. The Atonement: Disproofs of Arminian Universalism

XVII. The Intercession of Christ

XVIII. Christ: The King

XIX. The Humiliation of Christ

XX. The Exaltation of Christ

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