Christ Our Penal Substitute


By Robert Lewis Dabney, D.D.

Originally published in 1898

115 pages


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This book specifically deals with the attonment of our Lord.

Thomas Cary Johnson, writer of Life and Letters of Robert Lewis Dabney states:

“One who listens to more in the series of Dr. Dabney’s lectures is but more confirmed. . . his mental vision is as bright and keen as ever, and if the voice may have lost some of its old-time strength and fire, certainly his power of expression and of acute analysis, his logical force and ability to argue his thesis to an incontrovertible conclusion, abide with him as in the days of yore. It is an intellectual delight, and, at the same time, a severe exercise of one’s reasoning faculties to follow him as with steady force and in absolute confidence, he state the false postulate of his opponents, and then proceeds to annihilate them by pricking their fallacies and unmasking the hollowness of their claims.”


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