Calvanism and Evangelical Arminianism


By John L. Girardeau

574 pages

Originally published in 1890



It has been said by some theologians that this publication by Dr. John L. Giradeau is one of the most convincing arguments for Calvinism to be seen anywhere. The manner of presentation is superb, Dr. Giradeau argues fro a particular kind of Calvinism, against a kind of antithesis, and against Arminianism.

This publication is broken up into two parts.

Part I consists of:

  1. Doctrine of Election states and proved
  2. Doctrine of Reprobation states and proved
  3. Objections from the moral attributes of God answered
  4. Objections from the moral agency of man answered 

Part II consists of:

  1. Transitional observations
  2. Calvinistic doctrine of Justification stated
  3. Ground of Justification
  4. Nature of Justifications
  5. Condition of Justification

Index included

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