Baptists and the State


By H. Rondel Rumburg

247 pages


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“This is a stimulating and informative little book. It is direct to the issue of church-state relations in the U.S.A. seen from a Baptist standpoint. The subject is dealt with from a biblical, confessional and historical perspective.

There is an examination of Baptist viewpoint in the early years of existence in the U.S.A. particularly with reference to such as Isaac Backus. The author is too kind to Roger Williams (see Review in Banner of Truth, January 1985, by Kevin Read). The book repudiates strongly the view of Continental Anabaptists….The withdrawal approach of Anabaptist has been adapted by many of to-day’s Baptists. ‘The disregard of Christian involvement in civil government is a disregard of God’s Word.’ Certainly these pages will stimulate discussion. Whilst reverence to present issues in U.S.A. may be little obscure to non-U.S. readers, yet the principles argued for have reference to many countries where humanists have grabbed control of the legislative process. It is, of course, controversial.”

John Marshall, The Banner of Truth, Issue 266, November 1985, 32

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