Aaron’s Rod Blossoming


By George Gillespie, Minister at Edinburgh

Originally published in 1646

276 pages



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Aaron’s Rod Blossoming; or, The Divine Ordinance of Church Government Vindicated

Addresses Biblical view of separation of church and state.

“With the great variety of claims being made today in regard to the proper relationship of the church and the state, the republication of Aaron’s Rod Blossoming is opportune. It presents the classic Reformed point of view, on now little heard and perhaps less understood Gillespie writes carefully and clearly, in many respects resembling the better known John Owen in the clarity and power of his reasoning. Those who take the time and energy to read it carefully will undoubtedly find it helpful and informative. Hopefully many will come to see more clearly the legitimate relatioship which may and ineed ought to exist between the church and the state and perhaps many magistrates (whether king, president, member of parliament or lesser official) will be brought to act ore as they should int heir God-ordained capacity.” – David C. Lachman, Ph.D.


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