A Heritage of Resisting Tyranny


By:  Rev. John L. Girardeau, D.D.

30 pages

Originally published in 1871



This is a Confederate Memorial Day speech that pulls no punches. Dr. Girardeau was an unreconstructed Southern Christian gentleman and minister of the Lord Jesus Christ. This speech is pungent and in many ways addresses current  issues. Truth, you see, is timeless. Like most Southerners Dr. Girardeau has been lost to academic historians and those of the politically correct persuasion.  Must reading for those who want to know how to honor their ancestors. Introduction gives a sketch of the author.

“Let us cling to our identity as a people! The danger is upon us of losing it–of its being absorbed and swallowed up in that of a people which having despoiled us of the rights  of freemen assumes to do our thinking, our legislating and our ruling for us. Influence are operating on us with every last breath we dram which, if we be not vigilant, will sooner or later wipe out every distinctive characteristic which has hitherto marked us. Are we prepared for it” ~ John L. Girargeau

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