The South to Posterity


By:   Douglass Southall Freeman

Originally published in 1939

235 pages

The 1951 reprint of his 1939 work, with end notes and index.

Acid free paper, reinforced binding

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     The sub-title of this valuable work by Dr. Freeman is: an introduction to the writing of Confederate History. Any student interested in serious study of Confederate history must possess this work.

     Douglass Southall Freeman (1886 – 1953) was the son of a Confederate Veteran. He earned his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. He became editor of the Richmond News Leader at the age of 29 and held that position for 34 years; in the process writing 600,000 editorial words per year. During that same period he produced the four volume biography R. E. Lee, the three volume work Lee’s Lieutenants, the 6 volume biography of George Washington which was later expanded to 7 volumes and this work, The South to Posterity. His works on Lee and Washington earned him 2 Pulitzer Prizes.

     Additionally he broadcast twice daily on Richmond Radio, Flew to New York weekly to teach Journalism at Columbia University and was a guest lecturer at the U.S. Army War College.

     Any advice that a man of this character and substance has to offer is absolutely worth listening to and this book is worth reading. It includes endnotes, index and a suggested Confederate reading list.

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