Nelly Custis: Daughter of Mount Vernon


By Rose M. E. MacDonald

Originally published in 1937

208 pages


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Although this is a children’s book, it may suit any adult looking for a quick history of Nelly Custis (Granddaughter to Martha Washington).

Features illustrations and large print.

“Nelly Custis lived the history about which we read in our books. She was the granddaughter of Martha Washington and was adopted as their own child by General George Washington at the end of the American Revolution. So, as we follow her from babyhood to girlhood, from girlhood to womanhood, and on into her own home, we shall be living over again with her those interesting days when George Washington was President of the United States. We shall come to know him better as we see him at home with this dearly love little girl, and we shall see through her eyes the life in the two Presidential mansions, first in New York and then in Philadelphia. But, best of all, we shall know the Washington family at Mount Vernon, where they loved most to be.” ~ Rose M. MacDonald


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