Yankees on the Doorstep: The Story of Sarah Morgan


By Debra West Smith

176 pages



Suitable for grades 5th-7th.

This wonderful tale is based on an actual Civil War diary, this historical novel depicts the civilian experience in and around Baton Rouge during 1862-1863. Sarah Morgan, 20, is one of many upper-class Confederate loyalists living through the occupation of Louisiana by Union troops.

Her brothers are at war, her father is dead, and the Yankees are coming. Sarah Morgan, her sisters, and her mother must fight for their lives, their home, and their possessions as the Federal soldiers begin to take over Baton Rouge.

As the Yankees begin their occupation of her city, Sarah has concerns beyond shellfire. She has to flee her home, and she has to face some difficult decisions about what to take and what to leave behind. Yet, through it all, Sarah has one consolation and comfort–her diary. Wherever she is, one of her beloved journals is with her. Writing about her experiences helps her cope with the fear, uncertainty, and deprivation that arrive along with the Yankee soldiers.

Debra West Smith uses many of Sarah’s own words to tell this young woman’s true story of courage and survival.

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