What Really Happened? Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence Kansas Revisiting the Evidence


By James C. Edwards

197 pages


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This is an entirely new study of a significant event in the War Between the States: Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence Kansas.

It is often said that in any great conflict, it is the winners who write the history. It might be said even better that the winner’s propaganda becomes the accepted history. That is certainly true about the great American bloodletting of 1861—1865.

Lincoln’s war of invasion and conquest of the Southern people is almost always told in a way that’s supports the victor’s claim of righteousness. That has certainly been true in regard to the raid of Quantrill’s Confederate guerillas on Lawrence, Kansas.

Edwards has for the first time, based on exhaustive examination of the sources, tells the history fully and objectively. Civil War enthusiasts can learn clearly for the first time why the raid happened and how it was carried out. The author’s history treats both sides with truth-telling and, among other discoveries, exposes the flaws in the Union’s righteousness in the border war of Kansas/Missouri.

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