Warrior, Statesman, Jurist For The South


The Life, Legacy, And Law Of Thomas Goode Jones

By John A. Eidsmoe, Lt. Col., USAF Ret.)

291 pages

Includes illustrations and Index

Published in 2003


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Learn the epic tale of a great Southern hero, Thomas Goode Jones. Although not widely known, this Alabaman deserves his story to be told. As the title says; he was a Warrior, Statesman, and Jurist…

WARRIOR! ~ Student of Stonewall Jackson at VMI, Confederate Major at age 20, Leader of last desperate charge at Appomattox

STATESMAN! ~ Crusading anti-reconstruction newspaper editor, speaker for the Alabama House of Representatives, Governor of Alabama, Key author of the Alabama Constitution.

JURIST! ~ Appointed Federal Judge by Teddy Roosevelt, author of first Legal Code of Ethics

“One of the great tragedies of the South is that we have forgotten so many of our heroes. Great men whose names should inspire admiration and thanksgiving have been relegated to the foggy swamps of oblivion. Thomas Goode Jones was one of these men, a giant in every way. He deserves to be remembered and now, thanks to Colonel Eidsmoe’s excellent work, he will be.” ~ Rev. Steve Wilkins, President of the Southern Heritage Society


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