Truths of History


by: Mildred Lewis Rutherford

First Printed: 1920

114 Pages


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   “Truths of History” presented by Mildred Lewis Rutherford has as the subtitle: “A Fair, Unbiased, Impartial, Unprejudiced and Conscientious Study of History.” The Title page has as its object: “To secure a peaceful settlement of the many perplexing questions now causing contention between the North and the South.”

     Miss Rutherford has succeeded in fulfilling exactly what the subtitle indicates, and she has answered many perplexing questions. She has not, like most truthful historians, been able to cause the contention between the North and South to cease. The North has never and will never produce a truthful history of the era they call the “Civil War” simply for the same reason they did not try Confederate President Jefferson Davis; a fair impartial jury faced with sworn facts would have decided the South was right and that criminality should be placed upon the North.

    At the beginning of each chapter Miss Rutherford makes a statement and then proceeds to prove her statement using Northern sources. The 20 Chapter titles are:

I  The Constitution of the United States (1787) was a compact between Sovereign States and not Perpetual

II  Secession was not rebellion

III  The North was responsible for the War Between the States

IV  The War Between the States was not fought to hold slaves

V  The slaves were not ill-treated in the South

VI  Coercion was not Constitutional

VII  The Federal Government was responsible for the Andersonville horrors

VIII  The Republican Party that elected Abraham Lincoln was not friendly to the South

IX  The South desired peace and made every effort to obtain it

X  The policy of the Northern army was to destroy private property

XI  The South has never had her rightful place in literature

XII The North violated the Constitution driving the South to secede

XIII  Jefferson Davis must have his rightful place in history

XIV  Abraham Lincoln must have his rightful place in history

XV  Reconstruction made the Ku Klux Klan a necessity

XVI  Race prejudice is stronger in the North than in the South

XVII  The South was more interested in freedom of the slaves than was the North

XVIII  Why the South demands corrected textbooks

XIX  The vilification of Jefferson Davis became necessary to make the glorification of Lincoln more effective

XX  Some of the omissions of history

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