The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths


By:   Leonard M. Scruggs

360 pages




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This is one of Crossroads Country Stores top recommended books for customers. It surfaces all the common debated issues and brings the truth to light. With excellent documentation and quotes for each subject it is difficult to form a rebuttal. If you are a southerner looking for evidence to support your suspicions or a Northerner looking for truth, this book is where to start.

25 Chapters on subjects such as: The Morril Tariff, The abolitionists, Fort Sumter and the War Conspiracy, Camp Douglas-eight acres of hell, real memories of the Not so Civil War, and many more. The Un-civil War also has quite a few “extras” such as: H.K. Edgerton’s “The Pursuit of Truth” , “Defining the Confederate Battle Flag, and a few more.

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