The South’s Struggle: America’s Hope


By Walter Donald Kennedy

222 pages



With the ongoing attack upon all traditional American values, not the least of which are all things Southern, this work is a call for Americans to stand up for the real America. Within the cover of this book there is a compilation of articles addressing the neo-Marxist attack upon traditional American values—values America’s Founding Fathers bequeath to us.

This compilation of articles is taken from the author’s work as Chief of Heritage Operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans with additional commentary and supporting information.

As the co-author of The South Was Right!, Walter D. Kennedy has always held that the South was right in 1861 because America was right in 1776. Topics include how a free people are to be governed, the religious foundation of traditional America values,  as well as a plan to rescue a once free people from ever-growing big government.

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