The South was Right!


By:   J.R. Kennedy & W.D. Kennedy

431 pages


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Much of modern Civil War history is untrue.  Like most history it is written by the victor.  The story told is that millions of Southern men went to war over an issue that only affected 6 percent of the population.  Such absurdity is readily seen .  The deception must not continue. Read this book and learn the truth.  There is no shining Northern force fighting a moral battle for the sake of ending slavery.  There was no oppressive Southern force fighting to preserve it either.  After the South declared its independence, the Union ruthlessly invaded, leaving Southerners no choice but to defend themselves.  Unfortunately they lost that struggle and have suffered for nearly a century and a half because of it.  The South has become an economic colony of the North, used and exploited like colonies throughout the world.  Politically, the North still controls the government and continues to impose its radical social agenda on the rest of the country at the expense of individual liberty.  Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, the first federal department to infringe upon the rights of sovereign states, continues to suppress any efforts to reclaim liberty for the individual from the federal government. This authoritative and documented study of the mythology behind the Civil War history and its lasting effects on contemporary society, The South Was Right! uncovers evidence that the South was an independent country invaded, captured, and occupied by a vicious aggressor.  The authors maintain, through rigorous research, that the South had a legal precedent to secede and a right to defend its borders. Southerners should read this book with a sense of urgency and obligation to the past.  Others should read it with open minds.

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