The Songs of Southern Zion: Confederate Hymnology


by: H. Rondel Rumburg

218 Pages

Appendix, Bibliography, Index


     The hymn has been of great importance to the people in the South throughout their history. In life and death the ministry of psalms and hymns have been a vital part of the fabric of life.

     Little is known about Southern Hymnology and almost nothing is known about Confederate Hymnology.  A gospel minister observing the Confederate Army at worship declared, “These voices which now poured forth their strength in singing the songs of Zion had shouted in the charge and the victory.” This book is a much needed volume to rectify the void that has existed regarding the hymnology of the people of the South.

     Though packed with information, this work of Dr. Rumburg’s is easy to read, as the pages turn quickly, leaving the finished reader hungry for more.


     Not mentioned in this book but of interest to this website is the answer to the question – why have our Northern brethren systematically and relentlessly erased all things Southern that edify or are truthful from their published works?

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