The Life of Abraham Lincoln


By Ward Hill Lamon, Law partner of Abraham Lincoln

Originally published in 1872

546 pages



This important book was first published in 1872 and has seldom seen the light of day since. Its release sent the Yankee powers in Washington into a panic; they could not abide an honest account of Lincoln as they had been busily fabricating a wonderful religious persona of the man they, in earlier times, loathed.

To disguise their criminal activities, the Civil War needed to be a religious crusade to free the slaves and save the Union and Lincoln’s death provided the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, Lamon’s honest account of Lincoln, if allowed to remain, would upset their plans.

Ward Hill Lamon (January 6, 1828 – May 7, 1893) was introduced to Mr. Lincoln by Judge John F. Stuart in 1848, and the two formed a law partnership in 1852. They were two different personalities who worked together very well, complimenting one an-other. As their friendship grew, Lamon became more and more determined to assist his friend in every way. He took steps to shield Lincoln’s anti-Christian views from the public, aided him in his political campaigns, and then was asked to accompany him to Washington for his inauguration.

Once in Washington, and after the inauguration, Lincoln appointed him US Marshall. Lamon seriously undertook the safety of the President to such an extent as to stand guard at his door overnight as he slept.

This and much more is contained in Lamon’s book; allow him to tell you in his own words.

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