The History of the REBEL YELL


By Terry W. Elliott

160 pages, index, bibliography, notes, appendix


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     From the introduction: “The most obvious statement that can be made about the Rebel Yell is that no one alive today truly knows how it sounded. While there have been numerous attempts to duplicate it – some quite well done – by re-enactors, filmmakers and others, it still remains, at best, an educated guess based upon available evidence. The reliability of of that evidence varies considerably depending upon its source and nature.”

     “The sources range from writers, historians and others over the past seventy-five years or so, to first hand accounts from soldiers at the time, as well as recollections from veterans years later. There is even a small amount of recorded sound evidence that is extremely enticing at the very least. The nature of the evidence ranges from the apocryphal and / or anecdotal to the descriptive and the phonetic. There is also a considerable amount of information concerning background, origin and variation.”

     The author has presented much evidence in an orderly readable fashion and has sorted through the material in order to draw his conclusions. The text offers a substantial theory of the derivation of the yell, analyzes its variations, and assesses the few documented descriptions and recorded versions in their historical context. The book also includes stories and poems featuring the yell. Appendix A gives a list of recordings available for the reader to hear the yell.

This is a title worth adding to your Confederate Library.

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