The Confederate Myth-Buster


By Walter D. Kennedy

233 pages


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     The struggle to convey correct information about the War for Southern Independence to Americans in general and to Southerners in particular became the inspiration for this book. Here is a little background on how the Kennedy Twins of Louisiana began their defense of the rights and liberty of the people of Dixie.

     In 1991 the Kennedy Twins (Ron and Donnie) of Louisiana published the first edition of The South Was Right! During the following three years the authors were both surprised and pleased with the reception of the little first edition of that book. In conjunction with the impetus to write a book of questions and answers about Southern issue, the publication and sale of more than 100,000 copies of the second edition of The South Was Right! was announced. Many readers stated it was time to publish a companion book to celebrate the success of The South Was Right! It is hoped The Confederate Myth-Buster will answer many questions which have surfaced since the original publication of our first book.

     It is hoped with the publication of The Confederate Myth-Buster, and the other Kennedy Twins’ books, Americans, both from the north and from the South, will wake up to the dangers posed by an all-powerful and unlimited big government. After the defeat of the South, Vice President Alexander Stephens of the Confederate States of America noted, “The Cause of the South is the cause of us all.” This is an excellent resource for all those seeking to refute the Northern perspective of the War Between the States.  Secession, the Constitution, slavery, racism, and much more are expounded upon herein. Below is a sample of just one of the questions posed, followed by a suitable answer from the Southern perspective.

Q.  The Confederate flag is offensive to many people, especially African-Americans; therefore, why shouldn’t it be banned?

A.  The United States flag is offensive to many Native Americans and Hispanic Americans who see it as a symbol of Yankee imperialism and genocide. Should we ban the United States flag? Every reliable poll that has been conducted about the use of the Confederate flag has shown the vast majority of Americans and especially Southerners view the Confederate flag in a positive rather than a negative light. Even among African Americans these polls show a strong belief that the Confederate flag is a symbol of heritage or history and not a symbol of hate. Some people will be offended by anything. If we start banning everything that offends someone, soon nothing will be left. It’s okay to be offended. The offended person has the right to voice his opinion and try to get something done about the source of his displeasure. But once the people have spoken, its time to get over it!

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