“Stonewall” Jackson’s Pastor: Rev. William S. White, D.D. and His Times


An Autobiography, Rev. William S. White, D.D.

An autobiography, edited by his son, Rev. H. M. White, D. D.

Beautiful hardcover

288 pages


    This is an extensive history of the White family, specifically Reverend William S. White, D.D. From his ancestry, birthplace and humble upbringing, to his ministry accomplishments and service in the Confederate army as Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s pastor. White’s story is truly a remarkable one, even from a secular perspective.

    On the occupation of Lexington, Virginia, Dr. White observes the demoralization among the Yankees:

    “The whole country seems to be sinking into a state of demoralization. At no time during a ministry of thirty-eight years have I known so much sensual gaiety among professedly pious people, so much drinking of intoxicating liquors, and so free a participation in promiscuous dancing. The present winter of 1864-65 has been equally characterized by suffering and sin. “

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