Stonewall Jackson’s Chaplain: Beverly Tucker Lacy


By:   H. Rondel Rumburg

371 pages

Published in 2013

Indexed, Appendix, Footnotes, Bibliography


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“Stonewall” Jackson’s Chaplain: Beverly Tucker Lacy

     In the only biography ever written about Beverly Tucker Lacy, Dr. Rumburg presents Chaplain Lacy as he truly was – detailing faults and strengths. His book takes us into another era, when reverence for God and His Word prevailed. The soul is refreshed, as example follows example of the Lord’s faithfulness to His promises and His ultimate triumph through those who follow Him. The Lord of the harvest prepared Chaplain Lacy for his life’s work, sustained him through his labors, and used him to the eternal blessing of thousands.

     Beverly Tucker Lacy was “Stonewall” Jackson’s choice for the position of forming a Chaplains Corps within his Second Corps and ultimately for the Army of Northern Virginia and the entire Confederate Army chain of command. Jackson chose well as Chaplain Lacy succeeded and had no small hand in the Great Revival that swept through the Southern Armies.

     As is his custom, Dr. Rumburg has produced a top shelf academic title that reads easily and is a joy to experience. If you seek history, you need to read this book as it captures the state of mind of our Christian ancestors. If you are a Christian, you need to read this book, as it will reveal the heights of Christian excellence lost over the past 150 years.

     Chapter 17 is perhaps the finest most powerful account of the last days of our beloved General Jackson that has ever been penned. Making it a memorable addition to our history.

     Finally in Appendix 3, which is Chaplain Lacy’s appeal to ministers through-out the South (dated March 24, 1863) to supply Chaplains for the Confederate Army, he makes this most prophetic statement, “This may be the last struggle for constitutional liberty which will be made on this continent.” Indeed, he as well as most Southerners, foresaw the approaching tyranny that consumes us today.

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