Stonewall Jackson: A Thesaurus of Anecdotes and Incidents in the Life of Lt-General Thomas Jonathan Jackson, C.S.A.


Compiled by Elihu Riley

Originally published in 1920

234 pages


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Elihu S. Riley collected anecdotes of and incidents in the life of Jackson from those who served with him, both in his civilian and military life. Reading of these anecdotes and incidents will prove more valuable in understanding the life of this Christian Virginia gentleman than almost any modern history of Jackson’s life or his military campaigns. In fact, many modern histories do not even include this book in the bibliographies. Numbers of these anecdotes and incidents about him have never before see the light of print. They were gathered by the author from the lips of men who belonged to the invincible band of the immortal Corps that he in life commanded–the Stonewall Brigade.

All-together, this publication is broken up into 30 separate chapters, which are as follows:

Chapter 1: Stonewall Jackson’s Maxims of Military Strategy.

Chapter 2: Jackson’s Appointment to West Point.

Chapter 3: The Services of Stonewall Jackson in the Mexican War.

Chapter 4: The First Stages of the Civil War.

Chapter 5: How Stonewall Jackson Marched off to the Civil War.

Chapter 6: Jackson as a Disciplinarian

Chapter 7: Stonewall Jackson in Camp and in the Field

Chapter 8: Jackson Was Always in Favor of the South Striking Vigorous Blows.

Chapter 9: First Sights of Stonewall Jackson.

Chapter 10: Narrow Escape of Stonewall Jackson from Capture.

Chapter 11: Stonewall Jackson’s Personal Contact with His Command.

Chapter 12: Stonewall Jackson’s Military Sagacity and Strategy.

Chapter 13: Exceptions that Stonewall Jackson Made as to His Rule of Secrecy as to His Intended Movements

Chapter 14: A Chaplet of Miscellaneous Anecdotes of Stonewall Jackson.

Chapter 15: Anecdotes and Incidents Indicative of Jackson’s Character.

Chapter 16: The Diplomacy of Stonewall Jackson.

Chapter 17: Stonewall Jackson on the Field of Battle

Chapter 18: Jackson’s Three Speeches.

Chapter 19: A Galaxy of Incidents in Stonewall Jackson’s Career.

Chapter 20: The Religion of Stonewall Jackson.

Chapter 21: The humanities in Stonewall Jackson’s Character

Chapter 22: Opinion of Stonewall Jackson on Strong Drink

Chapter 23: Stonewall Jackson Admired in the Federal Army and Beloved in the Confederate Service.

Chapter 24: Personal Traits in Stonewall Jackson.

Chapter 25: The Humorous in Stonewall Jackson.

Chapter 26: The Real Stonewall Jackson

Chapter 27: Opinions on the Military Genius of Stonewall Jackson.

Chapter 28: The Personal Appearance of Stonewall Jackson.

Chapter 29: How Stonewall Jackson Received his Death Wound

Chapter 30: Jackson’s Saintly Life was Crowned with a Christian Warrior’s Death.

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