Stonewall Jackson: An Address By R.P. Chew


By:  Colonel Robert Preston Chew

Originally published in 1912

112 pages



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This book is a transcript of the exact speech given by Colonel Roger Preston Chew at the Virginia Military Institute on the occasion of the unveiling of Moses Ezekiel’s statue of Stonewall Jackson, June 19, 1912. Col. R.P. Chew was Chief of Horse Artillery in the Army of Northern Virginia who had served under Jackson. In his speech, he gives a capsule history of Jackson’s early life and military career. This is a good book to read to get a “bird’s eye view,” of Jackson’s campaigned in concentrated form. From there the reader can proceed to the more minute details of Jackson’s military achievements.

Annotations have been added as end-notes which enhance the reader’s grasp of the action in those stirring times and provide bonus reading material which is most informative. This is a quick, but gratifying read.

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