Southern Secession & Northern Coercion


By: B. H. Hill

An Address Delivered February 18, 1874

44 Pages


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     Benjamin Harvey Hill (1823 – 1882) was an accomplished lawyer and Georgia State Senator before the War Between the States. He was a delegate to the 1861 Confederate Provisional Congress and tireless supporter of Confederate Independence.

     His address, subtitled “The Spitefulness of Reconstruction”, was delivered February 18, 1874 before The Southern Historical Society at Atlanta, Georgia. It was intended to present the side of the South to history and contrasts in forcible language the Southern policy of secession with the Northern policy of coercion. He does an admirable job and accomplishes that purpose.

     The Forward and Biographical Sketch of B H. Hill are written by H. Rondel Rumburg and are a valuable addendum to the speech. This inexpensive booklet is priceless for the valuable insights it expresses.

     B. H. Hill closes his dissertation with these words: “…and the future historian, reviewing the records your care shall have preserved, will write the epitaph for the Confederate dead: These were the last heroes of freedom in America.” Of course he had no idea that  future historians would gradually cease to exist,  being replaced by yankee, humanist, Marxist agenda driven propagandists. You owe it to yourself,  if you prize  liberty, to read this.

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