Southern Independence. Why War?


By Charles T. Pace

Foreward by Dr. Clyde N. Wilson

202 pages


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The War to Prevent Southern Independence

On April 9,1861, Abraham Lincoln’s U.S. Naval flotilla carrying 2500 soldiers appeared at the mouth of Charleston Harbor. That was the crux of his plot: He had told governor Pickens he would evacuate the Fort, planning all the time to suddenly shock him with threat of invasion, forcing the South into a quick decision—fire to prevent its landing or allow the Republican Party to control the port. Two miles behind Sumter was the tariff office. Lincoln had promised, and would repeat, even after he started his war, every freedom to the South except tariff escape. Nobody but South Carolina had any need or any right to Charleston Harbor. Four years later to the day, the South ruined, Lee surrendered. The shooting war ended but the Money Party was not finished with looting the South.

The U.S. Constitution defines treason as “levying war against them.” “Them” meaning the States. Abraham Lincoln was guilty of treason.

Reader Comments on Dr. Pace’s SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE – WHY WAR?
“This is the best work I have ever read on the War of 1861-present. I punctures the Great American Myth and topples Father Abraham from his throne in his Olympian Temple on the Mall. . . .”
“Having read countless books on Lincoln and the Civil War, I have to rate this one at the very top. ”
“The best book I’ve read regarding the War to Prevent Southern Independence.”
“Best book I’ve read on the causes of the war.”
“. . . I’m convinced the vast majority of political science classes that saturate our so-called institutions of higher education will go into convulsions over this one!”

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