Southern by the Grace of God: 21st Century Edition


By Michael Andrew Grissom

21st Century Edition

609 pages

Paperback book


After 33 years, the publisher of Southern by the Grace of God ceased publication of this classic, leaving it to an uncertain fate. In 2018, the publisher tried to print the book in paperback, but the quality suffered, and then in 2019 the publisher simply liquidated its assets. Eventually a Southern publisher stepped in a decided to keep this popular classic in print. The original plates and film for the hardback version had been destroyed, so work began all over again, putting it back together from scratch, this time in a quality paperback edition.

The book in its essentials is the same great book that has been enjoyed for decades, but it has been expanded by the author to include a new 44-page introduction addressing the disheartening destruction of our monument treasures and the diabolical purge of all things Southern. In addition, a brand new chapter on “pickin’ cotton” has been added, as well as a section of poetry by famous Southern poets. The photo section had to be completely repopulated from the authors extensive archive, bu tit is there. The War, Reconstruction, biographical sketches of Confederate heroes, Southern folk tales, an amusing Southern “dictionary,” and an extensive list of Recommended books about the Old South are some of the feature of this enduring classic.

There is no other book like this. If you’re looking for some truth to counteract the propaganda your children are being fed at school and in the state universities, this is it!

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