South Toward Home


By Al Arnold

440 pages


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Al Arnold, author of Robert E. Lee’s Orderly: A Modern Black Man’s Confederate Journey, takes a nod from one of his favorite Mississippi authors, Willie Morris. In his epic work, North Toward Home, Morris showcases the South through the eyes of one who grew up on the White side of the railroad tracks. Arnold turns South Toward Home and offers the world a telling view from the Black side of the railroad tracks of yesterday, today, and hereafter.

South Toward Home will jerk you into deep thought, laughter, tears, and discovery. Arnold reveals a tell-all on the forbidden African American challenges of today, confronting such topics as what to do with the Negro, abortion, the Black Church, the Black College, raising Black children in America, Black culture, and the Christian faith. Arnold peers into the early White community and slave culture of his hometown.

Arnold’s story is one wild, captivating Southern ride. Arnold grew up in Verona, the oldest city in Lee County Mississippi, a historical civil war era town. Verona’s history and it’s people are featured in this work. Arnold runs against the grain of today’s cancel culture as he continues to trace his Black Confederate ancestor’s footprints. He shares his love for home by staying on the Southbound train. Arnold dedicates his final swan song to his beloved Confederate General, Robert E. Lee. All aboard! This train is heading South Toward Home!

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