A Soldier’s Recollections: Leaves from the Diary of a Young Confederate


By Randolph H. McKim

Originally published in 1911

371 pages



   This volume will take you on an incredible journey through war-town Virginia. You will view the war from the position of a common soldier, a Lieutenant, and a chaplain. The reality of camp life, difficult marches, bloody battles, Christ-centered worship, and much more will be your reading experience. You will be taken into the heart of a young Confederate from Maryland, and his adventure will become your adventure. He wrote A Soldier’s Recollections in 1911 drawing on the wisdom of age and his first-hand diaries, which he kept during his years as a soldier and as a chaplain.

   This is an extensive book, with twenty-one chapters ranging from the Constitutional issue involved in the Civil War to the winter campaign of 1864-65.

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