Rebirthing Lincoln, a Biography


How an Illinois Lawyer Kept Secret His Illegitimate Birth and Won the 1860 Presidential Nomination of the Northern Republican Party

By Howard Ray White

268 pages



     Rebirthing Lincoln, a Biography, by Southern Historian Howard Ray White is his most impressive and essential book to date. It properly tells the essential biographical history of “How an Illinois Lawyer Kept Secret His Illegitimate Birth and Won the 1860 Presidential Nomination of the Northern States Republican Party.” This new book presents fundamental Lincoln history never before revealed to the American public. Howard Ray White encourages you to take this opportunity to learn what he has learned and is herein presenting as a paperback book and an e-book. An Audible book is anticipated later as well. Rebirthing Lincoln, a Biography is Howard Ray White’s thirteenth published book, all but one concerning the history of the Southern States during the 1800s. Now 82 years old, White was never a history professor, but, through exhaustive study, he was always seeking the truth, even when labeled “Politically Incorrect” today. Yet, for 25 years he has forged ahead, delivering compelling and comprehensive history to a readership who wants to know why and how our country was drawn into a sectional political conflict that resulted in State Secession and the North’s four-year military conquest of the South – a conflict where, sadly, one million Americans died. White’s biography of Abraham Lincoln is his greatest contribution to educating readers who thirst for understanding about why and how our ancestors suffered this great American tragedy. Inside is the key to unlocking that mystery – Lincoln’s behavior from birth to his first months as President. Central to figuring out “Honest Abe’s” behavior is recognizing that his biological father was almost certainly not Thomas Lincoln of Kentucky, as he claimed, but almost certainly Abraham Enloe of North Carolina (note half-brother photos), and that he was born in that state four years before the birth date he claimed. Within these pages you will discover Abe’s parents and grandparents, his primitive life growing up, his success in becoming a Springfield, Illinois lawyer, his political career as a state legislator (8 years) and a congressman (2 years). Years later, during the uproar over Bleeding Kansas, you will see him rise from a two-man law office to become leader of the Illinois Republican Party and, from that point, soar upward to become President of the remaining United States. But, and more importantly, White shows you how Abraham Lincoln’s behavior was, throughout his remarkably successful adult life, focused on always keeping secret his illegitimate birth in North Carolina, because news about that would certainly destroy his political advancement.

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