Quantrill at Lawrence: The Untold Story


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By Paul R. Petersen

383 pages


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The Lawrence raid is one of the bloodiest-and more misunderstood-campaigns fo the Civil War. Catalyzed by the murder of five young women who were related to members of his ranger company, Col. William Clarke Quantrill attacked Lawrence, Kansas on August 21, 1863. Though the full truth behind the raid has frequently been omitted from history, Quantrill at Lawrence: The Untold Story dissolves the legacy of lies.

Including testimony from the centimes and the raiders, this comprehensive volume provides a firsthand account of what happened during the clash on the Missouri-Kansas border. Chapters scrutinize the causes behind the raid-explaining the reasons why Quantrill felt justified in attacking Lawrence-and pinpoint the men who were responsible for the bloodshed. In addition to describing the precautions taken before the skirmish, sections detail the hours during the attack and consequences that followed.

Paul R. Petersen also introduces such historical figures as Capt. George Todd, Col. John D. Holt, and Lt. James L. Bledsoe and defines their roles in the raid. In addition to maps, photographs provide a visual reference for the reader. Quantrill at Lawrence describes the temper of the time and the hatred brewing between Kansas and Missouri, bringing a culmination of events into clear focus.

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