Plantation Life Before Emancipation


By R.Q. Mallard, D.D.

Historical reprint from 1892

237 Pages


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The Family Life of the Rev. Charles Colcock Jones, D.D.

In a day where truth can be illusive, historical reprints such as these are a treasure.

The fact is, most of what is taught today about Southern slavery and plantation life in the old antebellum South comes from radical abolitionist sources–which many times were either exaggerated or blatantly false. Although there were cases of abuse between master and slave, there are many other instances as you may read here in Plantation Life Before Emancipation, where the structure was Christian based, humane, and even prosperous with the slaves.

But this book does not just cover slave life within the plantation. It tells of the home, family, home discipline with the children, etc., parties, school, Sabbath and society in general. Also within, learn how plantation life was during and after the War Between the States.

For further reading on the subject of slavery, please also read A South-Side View of Slavery, which is a first-hand unbiased account of the travels and interviews of a Massachusetts Pastor, Nehemiah Adams.

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