Northern Opposition to Mr. Lincoln’s War


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Edited by: D. Jonathan White

According to American folklore, the North rose in righteous determination to support Lincoln after the firing on Fort Sumter. The only opposition to the war “to save the Union,” so the story goes, was from a few sneaking, traitorous “Copperheads.” In fact, opposition to the war in the North was much more extensive, more respectable, and more patriotic in inspiration than has been allowed. This has been one of the best kept secrets in American history. In this ground-breaking work, a number of scholars begin uncovering some of the forgotten aspects of American reaction to the great crisis of 1861-1865

From the William Gilmore Simms / Clyde Wilson school of truth in history we have a offering from the Abbeville Institute that addresses the subject long avoided by yankee so called historians. Fully footnoted, this 316 page book of essays reveals a great deal of ignored information. Within its pages you will find:

• President Franklin Pierce and the War for Southern Independence by Marshal Derosa.
• Blood on the Pulpit: Northern Clergymen, the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the abolition of the South by Joe Stromberg.
• Copperheads: History and Historiography by D. Jonathan White.
• “Get Down You Fool”:Holmes on Lincoln, the Union, and the War by Allen Mendenhall.
• The Avenger without Mercy: Delaware under the Federal Heel by Brion McClanahan.
• “The Warfare of the World in the House of God”: The National Gospel and the Ordeal of the Old School Presbyterians in the Civil War by Richard M. Gamble.
• Yankees and Yorkers: Opposition to Lincoln’s Policies in Westchester County, New York and the Greater Hudson Valley by R. T. Valentine.
• Oliver P. Morton, Indiana’s War Governor: “I am the State” by John Chodes.
• Philadelphia Against the War by Author Trask.

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