Myths of American Slavery


By Walter D. Kennedy

278 pages


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“No subject has been more generally misunderstood or more persistently misrepresented.” ~ Jefferson Davis speaking on slavery.

   Armed with an open mind and a wealth of historical sources, Walter D. Kennedy tackles the most common misconceptions about slavery in America. Indeed, one of the first issues he addresses is the extent to which slavery flourished and persisted throughout North America, not just in the Southern states. Far from defending the unjust practice of human slavery, Kennedy calls for and contributes to a clear-eyed examination of this ancient and regrettably ongoing, worldwide injustice.

    Fans of the Kennedy brothers, supporters of their best-selling book, The South Was Right!, or any person dedicated to discovering the truth behind the hearsay that often masquerades as history will applaud the publication of Myths of American Slavery.

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