Mosby’s Rangers: “Wasps of the War”


By Eric W. Buckland

369 pages


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Mosby’s Famous Rangers: Wasps of the war that kept federal generals busy mending their fences–a gallant band of daring men long misunderstood!

“We meant business, and the people saw it, for they all surrendered and we march them out of the car. As we passed I saw something lying between the seats and, upon investigation, found that it was a man. He was covered up with oilcloth. I told him to get up and come along, but he did not move. Then I cocked my pistol in his ear and he got up and came. He would have been somewhere else in a minute if he hadn’t done so.”

Learn in detail about Mosby’s “Wasps of the War” – – with pictures and great detail, Eric Buckland outlines some of the most gripping and heroic stories of these gallant soldiers.

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