Mosby’s Rangers: “Many Hazardous Exploits”


By Eric W. Buckland

230 pages


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From the author: This book will provide readers with information insights into 40 of Mosby’s men. All of them were tempted and tested in the same crucible of war. Many carried the scares of their wartime experience–physically and emotionally. This book includes various stories associated with the members of the 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry and their exploits, including those published in newspapers of the period. Some are difficult to believe…and you are likely to find out that when it comes to “Mosby’s Men,” the truth is often more fantastic than any fiction.

Excerpts from the book:

“No man unfamiliar with the history of the Civil War can even imagine what Mosby’s men went through. They literally lived in the saddle, and though sparse in numbers, were young, active, resolute and full of resource. They made a veritable hornet’s nest of “Mosby’s Confederacy,” and it required a Federal force from fifteen to twenty times their number to keep them in check.”

“Two of them jumped a fence on the extreme left and made their way across the field, pursued by Wm. W. Patteson of Company C. Patteson’s horse fell in jumping the fence, and before he could get the animal up, the third trooper attacked him with his carbine. The shot tore a hole through Patteson’s hat, carrying away one half of a black plume worn there. Before the Federal cavalryman could ride over him or get in another shot, Patteson killed him with a shot from his revolver.”

“I have just heard of the death of one of my old men and best friends, Tom Sealock, at his home in Fauquier on a peak of the Blue Ridge. I always addressed him as Roderick Dhue, for he had many of the characteristics of the great Highland Chief. I don’t know any soldier who had more scars than Tom; he always pointed to them as badges of honor.”

“He was singled out by four men, justly ranked among the best soldiers in Mosby’s command – Sam Alexander, Syd Ferguson, Cab Maddux, and the terrible Powell.”

About the author:

Eric Buckland graduated from The University of Kansas with a B.A. in English and a commission as a 2LT in the United States Army. He followed that with a 22-year military career and retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. The majority of his career was spent in Special Forces. Some of his awards include the Special Forces and Ranger Tabs, Master Parachutist Badge, Special Operations Combat Diver Badge and the Combat Infantryman Badge. He is the President of the Stuart-Mosby Historical Society and a volunteer for the Mosby Heritage Area Association where he participates in the Mosby Heritage Area Interpretive Group.

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