Mosby’s Rangers: A Legacy of Success


By Eric W. Buckland

294 pages



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Every one of Eric Bucklands books covers many detailed facts about Mosby’s men. This one in particular covers those men who were either lawyers, doctors, ministers, law enforcement officers, or millionaires; and although it does not cover them all, it does contain some very interesting and exciting information on this particular set of Rangers.Included are a vast array of photographs and personal information of the characters.

About the author:

Eric Buckland graduated from The University of Kansas with a B.A. in English and a commission as a 2LT in the United States Army. He followed that with a 22-year military career and retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. The majority of his career was spent in Special Forces. Some of his awards include the Special Forces and Ranger Tabs, Master Parachutist Badge, Special Operations Combat Diver Badge and the Combat Infantryman Badge. He is the President of the Stuart-Mosby Historical Society and a volunteer for the Mosby Heritage Area Association where he participates in the Mosby Heritage Area Interpretive Group.