Mosby’s Memoirs


By: Colonel John S. Mosby

Foreward by: J.O. Tate

Originally Published: 1917

415 pages


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     Colonel John S. Mosby was one of the Confederacy’s most effective and colorful cavalry leaders. Operating in Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C., Mosby’s independent command waged guerrilla war behind Federal lines in what came to be called “Mosby’s Confederacy.” Mosby’s Memoirs were written toward the end of his life and were published posthumously in 1917.

    ” No other figure of the Civil War became during his lifetime such a storybook legend as Colonel John Singleton Mosby, the audacious and resourceful Confederate soldier who, operating in sight of the Capitol dome with a handful of undisciplined guerrillas, performed prodigies in breaking up Union communications and capturing or putting to flight detachments of Union troops that were often far larger than his own.” ~ Edmund Wilson, Patriotic Gore

    ” Since the close of the war, I have come to know Colonel Mosby personally, and somewhat intimately….There were probably but few men in the South who could have commanded successfully a separate detachment, in the rear of an opposing army and so near the border of hostilities, as long as he did without losing his entire command.” ~Ulysses S. Grant


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