The Men in Gray


By: Robert Catlett Cave

Historic reprint, Originally published in 1897

149 pages


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In 1897, a Confederate Veteran private of Company A, 13th Virginia Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, Robert Catlett Cave, was invited to speak at the unveiling of the memorial in Richmond, Virginia for the Soldiers and Sailors of the Confederacy. By that time he had become a Preacher of the Gospel and a Ph.D. and had moved from Virginia to Missouri. His oration was applauded by his audience. It was excoriated by the Northern press. This small book is the result of his crucifixation on the Northern alter of political correctness.

This book is composed of three discourses by Dr. Cave. First the author gives a summary of the causes of the War Between the States, Next he debunks the myths and untruths about the South prevalent even in 1897, Then he muses on the historical differences between the “Puritan” and “Cavalier” viewpoints, and how those festered for eighty years after our founding and eventually contributed to one of the most un-necessary wars in the saga of mankind.

Every student of honest history should avail themselves to this discourse.

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