Memorial Day Annual – 1912


Published by: The Commonwealth of Virginia

94 Pages



The Causes and Outbreak of the War Between the States 1861 – 1865

For use as a source book of contemporary authorities.

Published by the Department of Public Instructions of Virginia

at the request of the Confederate Memorial Literary Society.

From page 7:

To the Public School Teachers of Virginia:

     The object of this publication is to place in the hands of teachers of Virginia a synopsis of the conditions existing in the State at the beginning of the war. It is intended to answer fully and finally the question, Why did Virginia secede? As the answer to this question, to a certain extent, determines the right of Virginians to a place among patriots, no child should be allowed to grow up without a clear understanding of the issues involved.


Superintendent of Public Instruction


     This booklet was first discovered in the archive section of a local library. Talk of it’s existence caused Rev. Lloyd Sprinkle to locate a copy from a rare book dealer. He thankfully reprinted the valuable work.

     Within its covers you will find discussed “The Right of Secession”, “What Constitutes a State”, “The Maintenance of the Doctrine of Secession”, “The Government of Virginia in 1861”, “Slavery in Virginia in 1861”, “The John Brown Raid”, “The Position of Virginia in 1861”, “Fort Sumter”, “The Act of Secession”, and other interesting topics to include suggested programs for school children.

     This book, published by the Commonwealth of Virginia, was a consequence of the falsehoods and lies contained in school textbooks at the time. Textbooks written by Northern historians, published by Northern publishers to be distributed “Nationally”.

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