Memoirs of William Nelson Pendleton, D.D.


By Susan P. Lee, daughter of William Nelson Pendleton

also included: Dr. Pendleton’s address on the “Personal Recollections of General Robert E. Lee”

Copyright 1893

537 pages



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William Nelson Pendleton, D.D.

  • Rector of Latimer Parish, Lexington, Virginia

  • Brigadier-General, C.S.A.

  • Chief of Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia

Brig.-Gen. William Nelson Pendleton

This work of duty and love fittingly delineates the life, labors and character of a Christian soldier and patriot,–a many whose virtues, though well known to the people whom he served and those among whom he lived, “were best known to his family, his servants, and the poor.”

The devoted love of the daughter has not been allowed to weaken the fidelity of the historian or to give exaggerated color to the events of the scenes which she describes.

No biography of General Pendleton could be compete which did not give some account of the society, the institutions, the traditions, the people , the environment under the influence and in the midst of which he was reared, and this lovely picture is here drawn true to life.

*Dr. Pendleton’s address on the “Personal Recollections of General Robert E. Lee” is appended to this edition


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