A Life of Matthew Fontaine Maury, U.S.N, C.S.N



Originally published in 1888

361 Pages


Few people have heard or know anything about the incredible American hero, Matthew Fontaine Maury. It is sad, but the reality is that this gifted Virginian has been deposited in the dust-bin of yankee historic recollection. You see, not only was he a Bible believing Christian, he was a Virginian and Southerner. Those identifiers alone mark his achievements worthy of obscurity to those who document America’s so-called progress. Maury is not alone in his fate as he shares his buried achievements with many others who deliberately chose constitutional government over the alternative offered by the New England banking, industrial and mercantile interests of 1860.

He became known as “Pathfinder of the Sea”, yet in his lifetime he was also known as “Father of Oceanography and Ocean Meteorology” and “Scientist of the Seas”. He was the first author of a book on nautical science by an American naval officer, the first Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Observatory, the first Hydrographer of the U.S. Navy which was the precursor of the U.S. Weather Service. He was a champion for the establishment of the U.S. Naval Academy in order to properly train naval officers and a proponent of the Panama Railroad which later became the Panama Canal. He was a planner of Amazonian and Antarctic exploration and was a leader in international cooperation of Antarctic research. His oceanographic mapping located the route for the first trans-Atlantic cable. He invented the first electrically controlled submarine mine successfully used in warfare. He introduced geography to public education and was the father of Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI).

Matthew Fontaine Maury’s unquestioning belief that revelation in scripture and revelation in nature was in perfect harmony led him to some remarkable discoveries. Science today is politically agenda driven, resulting in dubious results causing consequences, whose rippling effects damage every aspect of American culture and future. We need men of Maury’s character and should be ashamed to learn of his inglorious fate at the hands of yankee academics.

This book should be in the library of and read by every individual who is seeking truth in history; those who deny truth will not understand nor comprehend the scope of his greatness, Scripture refers to them as tares, all else will be edified by its revelation.

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