Life and Letters of Marget Junkin Preston


By Elizabeth Preston Allan

Historical reprint, originally published in 1903

312 pages



Amid the tragedy of the War Between the States, and with eyes too delicate for much use; with the cares of a large household pressing upon her with its traditions of hospitality to an extensive network of relatives and friends, Mrs. Preston snatched some moments for her beautiful poetry.

As an inside view of the 19th century condition of cultivated Southern society, her story is a treasure.

The author, Mrs. Allan was born in Lexington, Va., December 23, 1848, and was the daughters of Col. J.T.L. Preston and Sarah Carruthers Preston. Colonel Allan, her husband, who died in 1889, was the author of “Jackson’s Campaign Through Virginia,” a text book used in many military institutions. She died in 1933.

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