Jackson and the Preachers


By:    John W. Schildt

222 pages



“Stonewall” Jackson once said, “I cannot imagine any thing more glorious than being a preacher.”  In these pages you will meet some of his ministerial friends. Dr. George Junkin was his father-in-law, yet on the eve of the Civil War considered Tom a lunatic. Dr. William White was the pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Lexington, Virginia.  Jackson looked upon Dr. White as his spiritual commander. During the winter of 1862, Tom and his wife Mary Anna stayed at the home of Rev. and Mrs. James Graham in Winchester.  Together they shared family devotions. Dr. Moses Hoge was sent to Europe in an effort to obtain Bibles for Jackson”s troops.  The general wanted a spiritual army. Dr. Robert L. Dabney was his chief of staff, picturesque in his tall hat and frocked coat. Beverly T. Lacy was chaplain of the Second Corps, and baptized Jackson”s daughter. Abner C. Hopkins was the chaplain of the Stonewall Brigade, and James Power Smith was with Jackson to the very end. Meet these men and discover Jackson’s faith in the pages of this book.

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