History of the United States


By:   Alexander H Stephens

513 pages

Originally published in 1872



American history the RIGHT way, from a master scholar of the 19th century. The true nature of our union…the legitimate powers of the Federal Government…the rights of the individual states…the constitutional protection of U.S. citizens–these are the concepts you want your children 12 and up to learn when you teach them American history.  Now, with Alexander H. Stephens ‘History of the United States’, you have the perfect starting point. Stephens, a U.S. congressman from 1843-59 and vice president of the Confederacy, was one of the most gifted constitutional scholars this country has ever produced.  In the Forward to this handsome reprint of the original volume, Pastor Steve Wilkins explains why Stephens considered this work so vital: “He commenced this history of the country because he had noticed that most history books confined their accounts to the Presidential elections and the admission of new States and omitted any explanation of the history of the political philosophy of the country.  He determined to write a history that would train young minds in the basic principles of our governmental system.  His concern was to emphasize the objects of the provisions of the Constitution, the powers delegated to the Federal government, the true character of the States and their relation to the Federal government, the crises through which our union had passed and their results….The strength of Mr Stephens’ History lies in his grasp of the principles which were foundational in the formation of our country.” Since Stephens had less history to cover, he was able to explain events in greater detail than do most modern texts, including: • Declaration of Independence • Articles of Confederation • Constitution of The United States • Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions • Washington”s Farewell Address • Jefferson”s First Inaugural Address

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