History of McGowan’s Brigade: South Carolinian’s Known First as Gregg’s Brigade


J.F.J. Caldwell

Originally published in 1866

230 pages


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Written by J.F.J. Caldwell, an officer in the brigade, the book surveys the 1st South Carolina Volunteers, Orr’s Regiment of Rifles, the 12th, 13th and 14th South Carolina Volunteers from their beginning until the surrender at Appomatox. The author goes into meticulous detail describing the engagements and activities of the brigade during the war. Various tables are given illustrating the losses in specific battles. Among the major battles participated in by the South Carolinians were First Manassas, Seven Days Battle, Chancellorsville, Spottsylvania Court House, and others. This book not only records the activities of the South Carolina brigade, but also many of the actions of the entire Army of Northern Virginia in general.

James Fitz James Caldwell was born September 19, 1837 to James John and Nancy Morgan Caldwell near Newberry, South Carolina. A precocious youth, he graduated from Harvard College. Following his native South Carolina, he served in the Confederate army as an officer in McGowan’s Brigade. He married Rebecca Capers Conner (1848 – 1911) daughter of F.A. Conner Esq. and Frances Conner, of Cokesbury, South Carolina on September 29, 1875. They had one child, Mary Eugene Caldwell, who died at about one year of age. James Fitz James Caldwell was an attorney, historian, and recognized author. He wrote several books on the War Between the States, as well as historic fiction of that period it has been stated that Rebecca was the motivation for many of his stories. He died February 3, 1925; and was interred alongside his family members in Rosemont Cemetery in Newberry.

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