Gone Diggin’: Memoirs of a Civil War Relic Hunter


By Toby Law

151 pages

Illustrated, many pictures


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Through the good days and bad, in hard-picked earth and pestilential swamps, in cornfields and forests, the author and his pals have pursued the elusive Civil War artifact. Armed with metal detectors, period atlases, modern-day topographical maps, and unbounded enthusiasm, they have rescued innumerable shards of history from the ravages of natural deterioration and man-made development.

This work is the culmination of thirty years of Civil War relic hunting by a man who was introduced to the hobby by one of the greats: none other than Stan Phillips. As recovered artifacts and the history that caused their initial loss are forever intertwined, the author kept an exacting record of where–and more important, why–his finds were made in specific areas.

Longtime relic hunters will enjoy the author’s recounting of the early days of the hobby, and many of the names within will be well known to them. Novice hunters will enjoy the reminisces of the past and find renewed incentive to get out there and unearth some history of their own.

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