“We Have Given You a Republic-If You Can Keep It!”: An Essay on the Constitution


By Allan K. Stone

127 pages


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If your a fan of Constitutional history and factual interpretation than you need to read this book!

Allan K. Stone is well-known as a living historian for his portrayal of Robert E. Lee, but his work such as “We Have Given You a Republic” promises to raise his profile as a Constitutional scholar as well. Al’s study of the Constitution started with his desire to understand General Lee’s 1860 dilemma of whether to command the U.S. Army, or to go south to his native Virginia. Natural curiosity and enjoyment of learning took Al deeper into Constitutional history, to understand the reasoning for the choices and decision made in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, and the men who made them. This pursuit has caused many people to refer to Al Stone as “one of the finest Constitutional scholars” they know.

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