Gettysburg’s Confederate Dead: An Honor Roll From America’s Greatest Battle


Robert K. Krick & Chris L. Ferguson

180 pages, with images


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Drawing upon the increased access to records, as well as all the mind-numbing advances in technology, Krick and Ferguson, who co-authored The Gettysburg Death Roster in 1994, have painstakingly updated their prior fine work and expanded it considerably. Here is the most complete roster of Confederate dead from the Battle of Gettysburg to date, their names, ranks, units, dates of birth (if known), dates of death, personal information and even their burial sites! The authors’ efforts here give us the most accurate view yet of the sheer magnitude of the tragedy the Confederacy suffered at Gettysburg, as well as the sufferings of those the dead left behind who located and re-interred those last earthly remains long after the guns had fallen silent.

Gettysburg’s Confederate Dead is an excellent work of research that should appeal to all Civil War buffs and any historian doing work on the conflict’s bloodiest engagement. It fills a long overdue void and is highly recommended.” ~ Jeffry D. Wert of A Glorious Army: Robert E. Lee’s Triumph 1862-1863

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